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What're the new features of Angular 9.1?


Angular 9.1 has been released! So what new features this version brought for developers?


Version 9.1 of Angular is released by the Angular team. It’s a minor release of the framework and the command-line interface. You  don’t need to change anything in your project, you simply need to drop it as a replacement for Angular 9.0

It comes with new features and bug fixes.


  • Support for TypeScript 3.8
  • Build Speed Improvements
  • New CLI Component Generator Option displayBlock
  • End-to-End tests now support grep and invertGrep
  • Improved HTML & Expression Syntax Highlighting
  • Directionality Query API
  • TSLint 6.1 by default


It’s worth to mention that this is the latest minor version of Angular 9 before moving to Angular 10.