How to Install Python 3.9 on Fedora?


The Python programming language is one of the most used general-purpose programming languages in the world.
Alpha versions of Python 3.9 are already available whereas Python 3.8 is the latest released version. How to install the latest Python 3.9 version instead of Python 3.8?


You can install Python 3.9 in Fedora using the following instructions. 

Install Python 3.9 on Fedora

In Fedora, you can install Python 3.9 from the official software repository with dnf:

$ sudo dnf install python3.9

Make sure to enable the updates-testing repository to get the very latest pre-release :

$ sudo dnf install --enablerepo=updates-testing python3.9

As more alphas, betas and release candidates of Python 3.9 will be released, the Fedora package will be updated. So you don’t have to build your version of Python, simply install it using the previous commands. 

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