What Are the Available Solutions for Hosting my Web App?


There are various solutions to host a web application:

  • I could have built a simple PHP script to do the processing and store it in a shared hosting somewhere, but that would introduce various issues with unreliable uptimesslow responses, and not being able to customize anything, as well as not being able to deploy easily.
  • I could have stored in DigitalOcean or a similar provider and run a VM directly, but that’d mean I’d need to manage the machine, do the installations for the server and the application, and handle the deployments. I desperately needed something simple. This was supposed to be a fun toy project, so I didn’t want to spend time trying to build a way to deploy the API. Plus, it’d cost me $5 a month to manage it: definitely not expensive, but why pay if I can find a free option?
  • I could use a serverless solution such as Lambda. I knew that there were platforms like that existed at that point, but I have never used them before. If they were like they are advertised, it might actually solve all my problems: if the usage was low then I wouldn’t pay anything, I wouldn’t need to care about what servers to deploy or what setup to install, and I certainly wouldn’t care about the scaling things. Plus, they seemed very easy to deploy.
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