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How to repeat an HTML element or component multiple times in Angular 9/8?


How can I use the *ngFor directive to repeat an HTML element or Angular component multiple times?
For example, let’s suppose we have a DIV element. How do I use the *ngFor directive to make the DIV repeat 5 times?


We have multiples solutions for this task. For example, we can use an array with five in length with the ngFor directive:


const arr = Array(5);

In your component’s template:

<div *ngFor="let e in arr; let i = index">
  {{ e }}

You can also define and use an Angular Pipe with an Iterable:


import {PipeTransform, Pipe} from '@angular/core';

@Pipe({name: 'repeat'})
export class RepeatPipe implements PipeTransform {
  transform(value: number): any {
    const iter = <Iterable<any>> {};
    iter[Symbol.iterator] = function* () {
      let n = 0;
      while (n < value) {
        yield ++n;
    return iter;


Then, in your template, it can be used as follows to display a DIV element multiple times:


      <div *ngFor="let e of n|repeat">
        {{ e }}

Also, don’t forget to define a typescript variable named n in your component with a value of five.


You can also create a custom directive for achieving the same thing.