How to Create a New Angular 9 Project Using npm?


What are the required steps to create an Angular 9 project using npm?

February 27, 2020

You can create an Angular 9 project using Angular CLI which can be installed from the npm registry either using npm or yarn.

Let’s see how to install Angular CLI using npm. Open a new command-line interface and simply type:


npm install --global @angular/cli


This will install the latest version of the CLI globally on your development machine. At this time the latest version is Angular 9.


After that, you’ll be able to use a binary called ng from your terminal.

We can create an Angular 9 project using the new command of ng as follows:

ng new angular-project-name


The command will ask if you would like to add routing to your project and which stylesheets
format would like to use with your components. Answer the questions as necessary for your
use case and let the CLI take care of generating the source and configuration files,
the directory structure and also install the dependencies from npm.


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